Frequently Asked Questions

How many questions can I ask?
You may have seen Polygraph on television where a barrage of questions are put to an examiner. That is merely for entertainment. In a real polygraph test, to obtain the best and most accurate results, each test is narrowed down to one particular issue. Most tests are narrowed down to 2 or 3 Relevant Questions about that single issue.

The important part to remember is that you can't mix issues. You can ask about whether someone stole oranges or whether they stole apples, but you can't ask if they stole apples and oranges in the same test. Unless of course you just wanted to know whether they stole any fruit, regardless of what kind.

To relate this example to real life. You may want to know whether your spouse has cheated on you with person A or person B, but you can't test for both unless you ask "Have you EVER cheated on me with ANYONE" Otherwise you would have to run a test just on whether they cheated with person A and another test on whether they cheated with person B.

How much will the polygraph test cost?
Each polygraph test will cost $500.00. A polygraph test will take from 2 to 3 hours so be sure to clear your schedule for at least 4 hours when you make your appointment. We do require a deposit of half the polygraph fees AT THE TIME the appointment is made. If you do not want to pay by Credit Card, you must mail us a money order for the deposit and then we will make the appointment after we receive the deposit. If you do not show up to the appointment, you forfeit your deposit. If you call and cancel at least 48 hours prior to your appointment, we will refund your deposit.

Do you accept Credit Cards?
Yes. We accept Mastercard and Visa.

Can you test at night or on weekends?
Yes. As our schedule permits, we will sometimes make arrangements for tests outside of normal working hours.

Will you travel to me for the test?
Yes. We have made arrangements to use meeting rooms in certain hotels across the state and we are adding locations all the time. The meeting rooms usually run around $100 and the examiners travel time and expenses are calculated at $100/hr.

Can I test my employees?
Yes, but you must follow the guidelines of the Employee Polygraph Protection Act of 1988. You must meet the following criteria before you can test any employees:

1. You must have a specific loss. (deposit missing from the company safe, etc.)

2. You must have an ongoing investigation (file police report, etc)

3. The persons to be tested must have had access (combination to the safe, etc)

4. You must have a reasonable suspicion of the persons you want to test. Access alone is not enough. Did the money go missing and the employee didn't come to work for three days after? Do you have knowledge that this person has been having financial difficulties? These type things are what you will need to determine for reasonable suspicion.

For more info, you can read the EPPA laws here:

How accurate is the polygraph test?
In research conducted on 'field tests', the accuracy rate is close to 98%. Field tests means that the results were later verified by confessions or other evidence that proved the test was accurate.

Can He/She 'beat' the test?
It is possible for an examinee to be uncooperative to the point that a test cannot be completed, however, 'beating' a test (showing on the chart that you are telling the truth when in fact you are lying) is extremely difficult.

Will my medication effect the test?
Usually not. DO NOT stop taking your medication in anticipation of a polygraph test. Most medications will have no impact on the test. If you are concerned about this area, call us and tell us what medication you are taking.

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